If you run a service-based business, and are looking to become an indisputable leader in your industry then you simply need to stop selling services, and instead, start selling results!

The average service-based business invests their resources on selling their services, and misses out on bigger sales opportunities. If you want to gain a competitive edge over your competition, you must do things differently. Selling results, instead of pushing your services, will help you grow your business and increase its revenue.

Instead of overwhelming your prospects with information about your service, demonstrate the outcome your service will help them achieve. Selling results is simply showing the actual value your service provides. This is a more effective marketing strategy that will help you attract more clients, without necessarily increasing your advertising budget.

How Does Selling Results Work?

Marketing the outcome a client can expect from using your service is a strategy that can instantly improve your conversions. This system works well because it shows that you’ve taken time to study your audience. Now you know their deepest fears, wants, needs, pain points, and the exact type of solution they are looking for.

Once you know who your prospects are, it becomes easier to pitch the results your service provides. This alone will boost your prospect’s confidence in your service because you’ve shown that you truly ‘get them’ and it becomes easier to trust you with their money. While your competitors are struggling with low quality and unresponsive leads, your sales reps can be busy turning prospects into actual customers.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Results Vs Selling Services?

Increased Customer Loyalty

One of the benefits of selling results over selling services is increased customer loyalty. Unlike people who are ONLY focused on selling their services, selling results demonstrates that you genuinely care about your prospect’s problems.  It’s at that moment when your service stops being perceived as a ‘service’, and becomes a solution.

Frankly, people don’t care about services, they ONLY want solutions. And that’s exactly what your service provides. Building genuine relationships with customers, increases customer loyalty.

Rapid Business Growth

Once you figure out how to start selling results instead of services, your business will experience growth. You will begin to attract high-quality leads that you can easily nurture into actual customers through online content, email marketing, white papers, and other helpful resources. Soon, you will start building systems that will help you generate leads at scale.

Simple Steps To Help You Start Selling Results

Identify Your Ideal Customers

The first step you need to take before launching your marketing campaign is to identify the group of people or businesses that need your service. As a matter of fact, you will need to continue to redefine your customers as your business matures.

You want to know who your ideal customers are, what their needs are, and what marketing channel is the best to reach them on.

Answering these questions will help you gain a clear understanding into who your prospects truly are and what they need. For marketing purposes, you can filter and manage your prospects and contacts based on the stage they are in their buyer’s journey. This helps you create personalized content that resonates with them, ultimately increasing your conversion rates.

Understand Your Prospect’s Needs

One of the best ways to sell results effectively is to understand the needs of each of your prospects. Each individual is different, and so are their wants and needs. Focusing on individual differences that exist among your ideal customers, and positioning your service to accommodate these differences, will give you an advantage over your competition.

Show Your Prospects Results

Getting prospects to pay for intangible offerings like services can be a little challenging if you can’t demonstrate that you’re capable of providing the solution they need.

Some of the ways you can reposition your offering to highlight results, include:

  • Make use of before-and-afters – This approach involves using some sort of mini case study to paint a clear picture of how you’ve helped past clients and the kind of outcomes they received. You can place the “before” and “after” side-by-side to further reinforce the prospect’s confidence in your business. This alone will make a marked difference in your conversion rates because you are showing your prospects a sneak peek into the outcome they can expect if they use your service.
  • Use Customer testimonials – A 2020 report by Hubspot shows that 88% of consumers trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations. Customer testimonials, especially those in video format are effective at persuading and converting prospects to clients, if used correctly.
  • Use visuals to demonstrate results – A simple explainer video, animation or PowerPoint presentation  that allows customers to see themselves getting the results they want can distinguish your services from competitors’.

Provide The Solution

Buying is an emotional decision. Therefore, you must be able to appeal to a prospect’s emotions by showing them how your solution will improve their life.

Combine your knowledge of their wants and needs with your offering to create a solution that’s most suitable for their situation. Ensure that your offer is customized to their specific needs.

Follow Up

Turning prospects into customers isn’t the end of the sales process. After all, selling results focuses on outcomes, so make sure to check in regularly with your clients and evaluate their progress. Answer their questions, provide clarity, and help them take action.This will show that you truly care about their success. Once your clients are beginning to get results using your service, you can upsell them on your higher priced solution.


Selling results instead of services is one of the mindset shifts that will help you reposition your service-based business.  If implemented successfully, it can fill your sales pipeline with high quality leads that go on to become loyal customers and lovers of your brand.